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Aku no Hana | 花 - A Last Flower (ED/Ending theme) [Full version.]

22 Jul |  1
宇宙人 惡の華 惡の華



Man fucks woman. Subject: man. Verb: fucks. Object: woman. That’s okay. Woman fucks man. Woman: subject. Man: object. That’s not so comfortable for you, is it?


The Fall Series 2 Trailer - BBC Two/Netflix

Luca Yumi Truth Utena


"Truth" - Shoujo Kakumei Utena - April 2, 1997

Only in Australia…

I haven’t scrounged up the courage to try it yet (⊙_⊙)

14 Jul |  0
James Blake Retrograde Overgrown


James Blake - Retrograde


Some variations of griffins


Southern lesser bush baby by Joachim S. Müller


I use humor to cover up the fact that I want to jump off a bridge

    That’s all a shadow is—and though you might be prejudiced against the dark, you ought to remember that that’s where stars live, and the moon and raccoons and owls and fireflies and mushrooms and cats and enchantments and a rather lot of good, necessary things. Thieving, too, and conspiracies, sneaking, secrets, and desire so strong you might faint dead away with the punch of it. But your light side isn’t a perfectly pretty picture, either, I promise you. You couldn’t dream without the dark. You couldn’t rest. You couldn’t even meet a lover on a balcony by moonlight. And what would the world be worth without that? You need your dark side, because without it, you’re half gone.
— Catherynne M. Valente  (via ladyrosenred)

a very important photoset about hands